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    03 · 25 · 2013

  • Bit Race has just increased their RTP from 98% to 98.5%. Also, now if you place a bet and no one bets against you, you will not lose your bet.

  • Pinballcoin has just increased their RTP from 98% to 99%.

  • Once again, several new sites have come online in the last few days. We are in the process of evaluating them before they are rated and added to the directory.

    03 · 19 · 2013

  • Several of the older, less active sites were purged from the directory today. As the Bitcoin gambling scene has grown, the quality of sites has increased significantly, which means we were able to purge a good number of the lower quality sites while still leaving you with plenty of options to choose from.

    03 · 18 · 2013

  • Playtin just added Roulette, and it's very slick; maybe one of the smoothest wheels out there.

  • It's Monday, and you know what that means? New sites!

    Today we have two new sites for the directory:

    • Bit Race is a virtual horse-racing game, featuring awesome graphics and a decent 98% Return to Player. All bets are against other players on the site, with a 2% fee being paid to the house.

    • The second site is SatoshiBet, which will eventually be a full-featured casino. At the moment it only features one game, "War." SatoshiBet is the first site to offer War, a simple card game, but very smoothly implemented. Enjoy!

    03 · 10 · 2013

  • Pinballcoin has just been added to the miscellaneous page. Pinballcoin is a Plinko-type game (if you've ever watched "The Price is Right," then you know what I'm talking about). Make a deposit and watch your plinko chip fall to the bottom, and hopefully land on a large prize multiplier!

  • So you've been grinding for days at Seals with Clubs, trying to make a living, but the bad beats are starting to take a toll on your mental health. What if there was a way to insure yourself against those bad beats? What if you could pay for that insurance with Bitcoins?

    That option is about to become a reality. Starting this summer, InsuredPlay will begin accepting Bitcoin. InsuredPlay works by charging a small fee every time you go all-in, but will always ensure that you win your all-in equity for the hand. With that tool in your back-pocket, you can manage the swings that so often throw poker players off their game, thus giving you a mental advantage over your opponents.

    In the meantime, they already support iPoker, which means you can play poker with Bitcoins at WinPoker (part of the iPoker network), and use InsuredPlay with traditional payment methods. We don't yet know if InsuredPlay will support Seals with Clubs as well, but we certainly hope it will. When InsuredPlay goes live with Bitcoin, we will be the first to let you know.

    03 · 09 · 2013

  • RedStar Sports and RedStar Poker have been added to the directory. RedStar is a member of the Revolution Network, one of the largest online gambling networks and the second largest, after iPoker, to accept Bitcoin.

    03 · 02 · 2013

  • The largest bet in Bitcoin prediction betting history was just paid out. A combined 1689.8 BTC were wagered on whether Butterfly Labs would deliver their ASIC devices to customers prior to the 1st of March; the outcome was "no." In total, over $57,000 was wagered, with the largest correct wager profiting nearly $11,000 USD at today's exchange rate.

    02 · 19 · 2013

  • Bitcoin Video Casino just added roulette to their line-up of 99.5% Return to Player games. All I will say is that it's probably the fastest roulette in the history of roulette. The maximum allowable bet will increase after the first few days of testing.

    02 · 18 · 2013

  • BitVegas has now added blackjack to their casino, which is still in beta testing. It looks pretty sweet!

    02 · 09 · 2013

  • We are always looking for new sites to add to the directory. At the moment, the Bitcoin Gambling industry is exploding, and we've got several sites that our currently being considered for the directory. Feel free to peruse these sites at your own risk: - A new Bitcoin sportsbook;
    Luckoin - Slots, video poker, and blackjack;
    Satoshi Roulette - Roulette;
    PM Poker - Poker;
    Bet by Bitcoin - Predictions;
    Three Hit Game - Rock Paper Scissors;
    Bitcoin Baccarat - Baccarat;
    Bit Point - Pick an area in space and hope that the winning area contains your spot;
    BackRoom BTC - Blackjack, lottery, sportsbook;
    Bit Bears - A ponzi scheme with cute graphics;
    Bitcoin Gem - A ponzi scheme;
  • Bit365 - Sportsbetting.

    02 · 17 · 2013

  • BitcoinZino (not to be confused with BitZino) has been added to the directory in the Miscellaneous section. It's a new video poker site that, I'm assuming by its name, will be expanding to support other games.

    02 · 12 · 2013

  • In the near future, BitVegas will be launching a Minecraft-based 3D virtual Bitcoin casino. Check out the amazing video below, where its creator shows off two of the casino games; roulette and minesweeper.

    See the discussion, here, on the Bitcointalk forums.

    02 · 05 · 2013

  • Please welcome BC-Casino to the directory. The site is known for it's numerous high-quality slot machines as well as live dealers for some table games. Go check it out!

    02 · 01 · 2013

  • Bit Millions has just been added to our directory; it is the only 5-bit rated Bitcoin lottery site. The interface is brilliantly designed and they've managed to make playing a lottery very exciting. With every block that's added to the blockchain, a new drawing occurs. The current jackpot is over 1300 Bitcoins!

  • Excellent article today from Calvin Ayre on why, for online gambling, Bitcoin is vastly superior to any other payment method.

    01 · 31 · 2013

  • The Bitcoin Gambling community is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, and developers are constantly informing us about their upcoming projects. Just this week we received an email about a new Bitcoin Lottery site called "Bit Millions" that will be using the properties of the Bitcoin blockchain to manage payouts while remaining provably fair. We're looking forward to the launch and hope to have more information for you in the near future.

    01 · 28 · 2013

  • Looking to make a Bitcoin bet on the SuperBowl? Take a look at BitBet where there's already 105 Bitcoins (nearly $2000 USD) on the San Francisco vs. Baltimore bet.

  • 'Gambling 911' today reported that a major US-facing online gambling site is in the process of implementing a Bitcoin platform. Given the recent success at bitZino and SatoshiDice, I can't say I'm surprised, but it's certainly nice to see Bitcoin becoming accepted by mainstream online gambling sites.

    01 · 27 · 2013

  • Seals with Clubs has just released a beta version of their Android app. You can find information on how to install it on the Bitcointalk forums.

  • Seals with Clubs is back up and running. Be sure to register for today's 60 BTC tournament, kicking off at 6PM Eastern. They've been able to register 30+ players for the last few tournaments, therefore the prize pool could be even larger than 60 BTC.

    01 · 26 · 2013

  • The insanity continues at BitBet, with over 1545 BTC ($26,265) wagered on whether Butterfly Labs will deliver an ASIC device before the 1st of March.

  • If you're having trouble getting on Seals with Clubs, it's because they are the victim of an ongoing DDOS attack. You can read more about it, here. They hope to be back online at some point today.

    01 · 25 · 2013

  • As the value of a Bitcoin continues to rise ($17.50 USD/BTC as of this post), it seems as if there's a rush of new Bitcoin gambling sites looking to get a piece of the pie. In a particular case, it's not pie, but cake that's got the community curious. CakeBet is a new site that appears will be a full-fledged casino. For the moment, all you can do is submit your email address to get notified when they finally launch. We'll have to wait and see if the site is capable of taking on more established competitors like StrikeSapphire and bitZino. Here's a sneak peek at their home page.

    One more note to pass along, the URLs,, and all link to Bet with Bitcoin, so feel free ot use any of them!

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