Bitcoin is a new, decentralized, digital currency, which enables financial transactions in a way that was never before possible.

  • With Bitcoin, transaction fees are less than a penny, regardless of the amount transferred.

  • Bitcoin transactions are not reversible. This means that online casino operators do not have to be concerned with chargebacks, and can therefore allow users to clear bonuses much quicker than in traditional online casinos.

  • Gambling sites can pass on their savings to players, increase your odds of winning, and offer better bonuses.

  • Credit cards charge "cash advance" fees when you fund online casinos. Those fees do not exist with Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin transactions are virtually anonymous, and are not associated with a geographic location.

  • Withdrawals to your account are now instantaneous. No more waiting, no more cheques, no more fees.

  • Keep your personal information to yourself. No names or addresses required. Your Bitcoin address becomes your identity.

  • No risk of having your credit card stolen.

  • No risk of having your identity stolen.

  • Since complicated payment processor software is not required, and micro-payments are possible, Bitcoin opens up a micro-gambling world that has never been seen before. Gamble for pennies on fun games like battleship and minesweeper.

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